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Why Vivi Lash Studio?

Healthy Lashes are our goal

The health of the clients lashes is our top priority, for this reason we will never apply lashes that are too heavy or long for your lashes to hold. We  also will give you the education about how to take care of your extensions while keeping  healthy your natural lashes.

Cruelty Free Faux Mink Lashes

We can create the mink look mixing different curls and diameters. Lash suppliers boast that their mink fur lashes are "cruelty free"  because they don't kill and skin the Mink when they harvest the fur, they brush them "gently" or shave their tails. These so called cruelty free lashes are harvested from the same Mink that live in the same sad conditions as the ones that are killed and skinned. The same Mink that never felt grass under their feet or seen real sunlight. Real MINK lashes tend to cause more allergic reactions and are not recommend to people allergic to cats, and are well known for lose its curl once they get in contact with hot water or steam.


The best lashes are sourced from around the world. Quality of lashes and adhesive  made in the USA is never compromised.


A cookie cutter approach to lash extensions is never used. A minimum of two different curvatures,  and 3 different lengths are always stocked. Your lifestyle, eye and face shape are taken into account; as a result your lash design is 100% custom and the integrity of your natural lashes is preserved.

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